Welcome to zswap.net

Yes, this site is a copy pasta of some bootstrap template I found

About me:

I am a senior systems administrator living in the United States currently employed at a webhosting company. The vast majority of my professional experience has utilized the RedHat and CentOS as operating systems. Technologies I am familiar with include:

  • Web: Apache and Nginx
  • Virtualization: KVM, Hyper-V and Openvz/Virtuozzo
  • Languages: Python, PHP, SQL/PLSQL
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle and MS Access
  • Storage: Raid and Ceph
  • Config management: Puppet and Ansible

Services, Mirrors, Stuff

I run a few various update mirrors and other related services both for personal use and as a contribution to the wider community. Feel free to make use of any that suit your needs. Most services are operated out of Ashburn, VA

  • CentOS: http://centos2.zswap.net/
  • Cpanel: http://cpanel2.zswap.net/
  • PHP: http://php.zswap.net/
  • Tor: Tor Atlas Info
  • Contact

    For general questions and/or inquiries, please email

    For communication regarding a specific domain, please use the available whois information specific to that domain

    You can find a list of my currently owned and/or maintained domains HERE. Any contact regarding a domain not on this list will be ignored. Please reach out to their respective owners.